This iteration of my reel features mostly compositing work done in After Effects.

- I volunteered to help rotoscope these shots for Nathaniel Caauwe. These shots are from Dual of the Dorks and Alex Vs. Nate 2. Both of which Nathaniel directed.

- This project had no purpose other than to shoot and composite a video and effect with no real outside elements. I recorded steam and mixed it in with the portal gun.

- Another simple project which is a small portion of a larger sequence but is just a simple thing to make my friend go up in smoke.

- I had never done screen replacement so I took the task upon myself. I was told to avoid a moving camera but as you can see I ignore that because I wanted the challenge. That's also why I added a second, very reflective, screen at a different angle.

- An opening sequence based on an idea I have for a short animated film

- This was created for a school project. I decided to do an auto show into styled like the Casino Royale intro.

Here are some examples I have done recently for rigging.

- Posted in the rigging part of CGtalk, the mecha-cat model created by Nico Strobbe was offered as a challenge. The legs are IK systems that allow movement in all directions and each leg has expandable and contactable segments. The spine is a series of joints with split X, Y, and Z rotation segments. While rotating, the rotation falls off and adapts as it moves.

- The flying monkey is a project for a short film that I have been working on. The character was designed by Roy Stein and modeled by Anton Kozlov. What is shown is the result of directly working with the animators adding features and tools. The animation was done by one of the animators as a test.

- The rope bridge was created as part of Rigging Dojo's props rigging course mentored by Jeff Brodsky. The controls slide along the bridge stretching it as needed while keeping the segments evenly spaced. The primary control has tension and falloff options for the surrounding controls as well as a movable pivot. The supports bend and stretch depending on distance from the bridge surface. There are also controls not shown in this clip for individual plank adjustment and support angle adjustment when the supports are bent.